Personalized Heart Drop Shadow Boxes for Wedding Guests

Heart Drop Shadow Box Wedding Guest Signature Keepsakes

Creative Wedding Guest Book Options

You've got the dress, the caterer, and the venue locked in. Good for you. Now you can think about the details that will make your wedding day reflect who you are and your new future together.Have you considered the guest book? It's often the first thing your guests see as they enter. It can set the tone for the rest of the event. While traditional guest books are lovely, you may prefer something more personal, more unique.

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Your guests can, quite literally, the sign just about anything. Why not have them sign something that will become a treasured keepsake in your home? The Heart Drop Shadow Box Wedding Guest Signature Keepsake is a customized piece that will not only delight guests on your wedding day but will also be a lovely accent in your home for years to come.It consists of an acrylic and wood composite personalized shadow box and 100 wooden hearts. When guests arrive, they sign the hearts and drop them into the slot at the top of the box. Gradually the hearts fill the shadow box and serve as a touching reminder of the loved ones who attended your special day.

Heart Drop Shadow Box Options

The Heart Drop Shadow Box comes in five designs, all of which have customizable options.

1. Love Wreath Initials: This box has a wreathed center medallion with room for your initials and wedding date. The frame is white, and the possible background choices are pink aqueous, navy, or white.

2. Modern Couple: This is a good choice if you prefer a simpler, more streamlined look. The center medallion has space for your first names and wedding date. It also comes with background papers in pink aqueous, navy, or white.

3. Rustic Love: Perfect for a barn wedding, this box has a faux-wood grain background printed with your first names and wedding date. The included hearts are paper instead of wood.

4. Signature Couple: The medallion in this box features your names in cursive with no date. The possible background colors are the same as Modern Love.

5. Starry Night: The medallion here has a constellation in the shape of a heart for the dreamer in you. Your names and wedding date are inscribed in the center of the heart. 

Choose from the same background colors as Modern Love.

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