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Personalized Cups For Wedding

Unique Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Cups

Though you may think the colors you choose and the music you play are enough, customizing paper goods can make your wedding a one-of-a-kind event. In fact, customizing an event is the best way to showcase who you are as an individual or couple. Personalized wedding cups can be appropriate for many elements of your big day, and here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Frosted Plastic Cups

You can step up the glam and sophistication of a garden or outdoor wedding with a toast to health and happiness in personalized frosted plastic cups. You don't need to save these classy cups for an outdoor event, either. You can really let the wine or champagne shine with a special message and monogram for the occasion.

2. Wedding Stadium Cups

To ensure your guests get plenty to drink, serve your beverages in customized wedding stadium cups. Available in a range of colors and sizes from 12 ounces to 32 ounces, these cups are great for a self-serving drink station and incredibly durable for a long day of celebration. They make great favors, too, as they are reusable and dishwasher-safe.

3. Clear Plastic Wedding Cups

There are several styles of clear plastic personalized cups for weddings, and you can have a size to match the occasion. Pour punch or mixed drinks into a 14-ounce tumbler or serve top-shelf liquors on the rocks in a smaller nine-ounce whisky glass.

4. Coffee Cups

What evening or afternoon reception doesn’t include a strong coffee to keep the party alive? Maybe you need to step it up for your morning brunch. Customize your coffee bar or hot drinks station with personalized disposable coffee cups. You can fit three lines of text on a cup and order cups as small as eight ounces up to 24 ounces.

5. Solo Cups

These are not your average wedding cups. Whether you need to hold beer, punch or another beverage, these custom-printed solo cups are both durable and incredibly creative. Color options let your pair the cup perfectly with your wedding theme.

6. Styrofoam Cups

For an all-around wedding reception companion, choose a personalized Styrofoam wedding cup. If you are serving a mix of hot and cold beverages, this cup can handle the job. You can get more from your cups by using them for ice cream sundaes, games or slushies.There are many options when deciding on personalized cups for wedding events. For the best in personalized wedding cups, shop with My Wedding Reception Ideas.

'Such a hit with our guests! We got married in Jamaica at a resort and I read reviews online that the resort permitted guests to bring their own cups. I ordered these because we wanted our guests to have a personalized cup to drink out of while at the resort and to take home as a memory. So many people wanted to know where we got our cups from. They were of good quality and the printing held up pretty good after 7 days in the pool. I was most impressed by the price. My Wedding Reception Ideas has so many awesome wedding accessories at unbelievable prices. I recommend them every chance I get!' ~ Stacee, Arnold, PA

Frosted reusable 16 Oz. cups personalized for Hawaii wedding

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