Small Details that Paint A Big Picture for Personalized Parties
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Small Details That Paint a Big Picture for Personalized Parties

Creating a colorful and fun atmosphere that also looks posh and put-together is easier than you think! Whether you are planning a casual get-together, a milestone birthday, anniversary party, or a big bash for your company or family reunion - the smallest details often have the biggest impact. Personalization and color coordination are two major players in party planning. Read on to discover new ways to add this personal touch.

Color Coordination

Often confused with "matching" - coordinating the colors in your event creates the impression that a lot of time and effort was put into giving your guests a good time. This doesn't mean everything has to be that precise shade of blush or tiffany blue, but everything will be within a range of colors that set the tone for your event. Using trendy color combinations will make your party modern and fun, even if you are using vintage or traditional themes. Some of the best loved color combinations this year are navy and yellow, gray and yellow and aqua and red. These color pairs can be used for everything from a first birthday to a 25th anniversary. You can also use the favorite colors of the guest of honor, the colors in the company logo, or a creative mix of colors to pay homage to the main reason for the gathering.

Colorful Personalized Party Supplies

It is great when you can use your party supplies as part of your decor. Brightly colored napkins, plates, and cups will quickly turn your tables into works of art. Make it interesting by mixing and matching your party supply colors to provide more visual interest. Having a funny quote, special message, or the guest of honor's name printed on your party supplies makes your party even more memorable. Guests love to take home this kind of "memorabilia." Reusable items, like plastic cups, can even do double duty as favors.

Sweet Favors

While party favors are not a must, they are fun to give. Edible favors are the easiest to incorporate and are always a hit with guests. Make it simple by whipping up a batch of your favorite baked goods or dropping by a local bakery for some inexpensive cupcakes or cookies. You can also buy a few different types of candy and set a candy buffet complete with personalized goody bags for guests to fill. If you don't have a sweet tooth, offer up a simple favor that appeals to the child at heart. Easily crafted pinwheels or a CD with a mix of your favorite songs are both simple, fun, and inexpensive favors.

At the end of the day, your party is about reconnecting with family and friends as well as celebrating milestones in your lives. Putting a personal touch on your party planning will help create beautiful memories and play up these precious moments with all the fabulous fanfare they deserve.