Imprint Colors for Personalized Ribbon
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Imprint Colors for Personalized Ribbon

Choose from 25 imprint colors for personalizing favor ribbon include black matte, white matte, 14 metallic colors and 9 satin colors to add contrast, and color to your custom print. All foil imprint colors are FDA approved for use around food and drinks. Select the imprint color of your choice in the Ribbon Imprint Color dropdown on an of our personalized favor ribbon order pages.

Not sure which imprint color is right for you? Give us a call at 1-800-605-3415 for friendly assistance and we will be happy to help you.

Matte Foil Imprint Colors
black matte imprint color
Black Matte
white matte imprint color
White Matte
Satin Foil Imprint Colors
platinum satin imprint color
Platinum Satin
antique satin imprint color
Antique Satin
bronze satin imprint color
Bronze Satin
fuchsia satin imprint color
Fuchsia Satin
ruby satin imprint color
Ruby Satin
emerald satin imprint color
Emerald Satin
peacock satin imprint color
Peacock Satin
periwinkle satin imprint color
Periwinkle Satin
plum satin imprint color
Plum Satin
Metallic Foil Imprint Colors
metallic silver imprint color
Metallic Silver
metallic gold imprint color
Metallic Gold
metallic copper imprint color
Metallic Copper
metallic mauve imprint color
Metallic Mauve
metallic cerise imprint color
Metallic Cerise
metallic red imprint color
Metallic Red
metallic moss imprint color
Metallic Moss
metallic green imprint color
Metallic Green
metallic teal imprint color
Metallic Teal
metallic aqua imprint color
Metallic Aqua
metallic royal blue imprint color
Metallic Royal Blue
metallic purple imprint color
Metallic Purple
metallic lavender imprint color
Metallic Lavender
metallic multi color rainbow imprint color
Multi Color

Black and White Matte imprint colors have a flatte, matte appearance that is evident when held in the light or at an angle.

Metallic Imprint Colors have a shiny, metallic finish that is evident when held in the light or at an angle. For instance: Metallic silver imprint has a shiny, or polished, "tinsel" look that reflects the light very well.

Satin Imprint Colors have a dull, satin sheen that is evident when held in the light. For instance: Platinum satin imprint has a dull sheen finish, like that of a new nickel.