Personalized Favor and Gift Ribbon
Personalized Favor and Gift Ribbon
Spice up your wedding favors, decorations and wedding guest gifts with beautiful, colorful personalized ribbon. Custom printed favor ribbon is available in 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch widths and four unique styles to compliment your wedding or special occasion theme.

3/8 Inch wide personalized ribbon is typically used for decorating favor boxes and favor bags, gift wrapping, bridal bouquets, and centerpieces for the guest tables.

5/8 Inch wide personalized ribbon is used for gift wrapping, table decorations, and wedding or party hall decorations. Small, designs can be printed along with custom wording on the 5/8 inch ribbon. Designs for 5/8 inch printed ribbon are available in a variety of themes to compliment your wedding decorations.

Continuously Printed Ribbon - Using the continuous print setup, custom text is printed on the ribbon continuously with a one inch space between each printing. This setup is typically used when long strands of ribbon will be used for decorations or gift wrapping.

Favor Style Printed Ribbon - Favor style print is typically used on wedding favor ribbon that will be cut for tying favors like small boxes, organza bags, and tulle. For instance, you may choose to have a name or names printed on one end of each ribbon length to be cut and a date printed at the other end of each ribbon length to be cut. The spacing between the names and date will allow for the ribbons to be tied around favors with the names displayed at one end of the ribbon tail and the date to be displayed at the other end of the ribbon tail.