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Personalized Wedding Stadium Cups

Knocking Your Wedding Out of the Park With Personalized Wedding Stadium Cups

The thrill of saying “I do” to the one you love is more than enough reason to celebrate. Not everyone makes it to the altar, so when you’ve found that special someone, you feel like you’ve won the Super Bowl or the World Cup. At My Wedding Reception Ideas, we have the right gifts to help you celebrate this special moment with those closest to you. Personalized stadium cups are practical, durable, and fashionable enough for your wedding to not just be a home run but a grand slam that you’ll cherish.

Easy Style for the Big Day

While it might be nice to have crystal glasses to toast at a reception or engagement party, that’s not a practical or feasible gift in most cases. Stadium cups are durable and designed for a long journey, much like your union. Our wedding stadium cups can be personalized with up to four lines of print on both sides. Find a color that works with the design motif of your event. We offer personalized cups ranging from 12 to 32 ounces, capable of handling several of your favorite beverages, including soft drinks, juices, wine, and beer. You’re not just serving drinks. You’re also serving the magic and delight that comes with a joyous occasion.

Something for Every Occasion

There are often multiple events surrounding an upcoming union that require planning, coordination, and an eye for design. Choose personalized wedding stadium cups for other special occasions:
  • Engagement Party
  • Wedding or Baby Showers
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Wedding Brunches
  • Anniversary Celebrations
Stadium cups can be used for drinks and as keepsakes. They’re durable and versatile enough to incorporate into your decor. You can even use them in games and other party activities.

Accessories You’re Sure To Love

One of the best features of a stadium cup is its practicality. This is especially true with accessories such as lids and reusable straws. When shopping for personalized stadium cups, look for lids with colors that match or complement your design. Lids and straws add extra functionality to your stadium cups, especially for outdoor events. Your loved ones can transport their drinks without worrying about spills.

Magic Memories for All

Give your guests a parting gift that they’ll cherish when they think of the day you exchanged your vows. Customized wedding stadium cups are a great way to honor your union and show love to those who have showered you with theirs. Find the perfect design at My Wedding Reception Ideas. Call us at (800) 605-3415 with any questions you might have.

"These were great because instead of throwing away a bunch of plain plastic cups every time someone wanted a refill, they just brought them back to the bar and then took them home as favors." ~ Liz, Kingwood, TX