Wedding Ring Bearer Boxes

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Wedding Ring Bearer Boxes

Explore wedding ring box ideas as a modern alternative to traditional ring bearer pillows. Ring bearer boxes are available in a variety of styles including his and her ring boxes, pocket size ring boxes, ring pillow keepsake boxes and wedding book ring boxes.

Many ring boxes are personalized with the bride and groom's name and wedding date or a short verse or phrase unique and special to the couple's wedding day vows.

Long stem rose ring holders and ceramic wedding ring plates are also popular alternatives to a ring pillow.

Ring boxes and ring holders create life-long keepsake mementos of a couple's wedding day and can be used a variety of ways. Ring plates can be used to hold rings, watches, jewelry on a night stand or dresser top. Ring boxes can be displayed in a curio cabinet or family heirloom chest as a time capsule of a special wedding day.

Decorative personalized acrylic ring boxes can be used a decorative conversation pieces to display flower, potpourri or any small decorative accents to set on a coffee table or curio cabinet.

Pocket ring boxes are the perfect option for the couple who do not plan to have a ring bearer hold the wedding ring during the ceremony. Instead, the bride and groom's ring are held in a small, pocket-size wooden box, personalized with their names or initials and wedding date, The groom tucks the ring box inner breast pocket of his jacket, or tuxedo or in his front pants pocket. During the wedding vows exchange, the groom pulls the ring box from his pocket and opens it to reveal the rings.

If you're looking for something different from the traditional ring bearer pillow or simply want a handy way to store the rings before and during the wedding ceremony, consider unique personalized ring boxes for your wedding day.

Personalized wedding ring boxes