Personalized Wedding Sand Unity Ceremony Sets
Unity Sand Ceremony Sets

Wedding unity sand ceremony sets are a unique alternative to traditional unity candle ceremonies and represent your new family by the blending of colored wedding sand. A sand unity ceremony is memorable way to make each individual of your new family feel like a special part of your wedding ceremony.

Traditionally, the unity candle ceremony includes the bride and groom using two taper candles to light a third unity candle to symbolize two individuals becoming one. Sand unity ceremonies are performed much in the same way except the bride and groom pour different sand colors from small cylinders into one larger cylinder to represent their blended family.

If this is your second marriage or if either of you have children, sand ceremonies are great way to include your family into your wedding ceremony by giving each member a small cylinder of sand to pour. Your officiant can also play a part in your sand unity by pouring white sand in first to represent the faith you've put into your marriage and also last to represent God's covering and blessing of your marriage.

Each of our sand ceremony unity sets includes multiple narrow glass cylinders and one larger cylinder. Additional small cylinders are available and sand is also available in 8 popular colors to represent you, your fiance, your officiant, and children if desired. Click on any of the images below to order your sand ceremony unity candles and wedding sand.

'The sand ceremony shadow box was a great gift for my son and daughter-in-law to incorporate in their wedding ceremony. It made a personal, special touch!' ~ Gwen, Charlotte, NC