Wedding Votive Candles, Wedding Reception Votive Candle Favors Ideas
Votive Candles & Votive Candle Holder Favors
Votive candle holder favors are popular at many events including weddings, wedding receptions, bridal showers, anniversaries, baby showers and holidays to name a few. More important than the votive candles themselves are the votive candle holders in which the candles are placed. Wedding candle holder favors are available in a plethora of sizes, shapes, colors and designs to compliment any wedding or special event theme. Some of our votive candle themes include:
  • Personalized votive candle holders
  • Square votive candles and holders
  • Beach wedding candle favors
  • Heart themed candle holder favors
All votive holders include votive candle tea lights or are filled with poured wax. Candles are not included with custom printed holders. We recommend purchasing votive candles in colors and scents of your choice at a local craft or department store. Light up your wedding or special celebration with beautiful votive candles and candle holders, or present to your guests as keepsake thank you favors.

'Just want to thank you so much for great service. We received the votive holders last week and are very happy with them. None broken and they look great.' ~ Rose, Lebanon, TN