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Wedding Cake Toppers

Shop the newest wedding cake toppers including monogram cake toppers, funny wedding toppers, beach toppers, love birds cake toppers and wedding figurines to add the finishing touch to your wedding cake. Wedding cake toppers are arranged by category to help you find the perfect wedding cake topper that makes a personal statement about the bride and groom and their special day. Choose from a variety of cake top shapes and styles including traditional cake toppers with glass blown wedding bells, hearts and floral arches, interchangeable bride and groom figurines for interracial weddings, personalized square acrylic toppers with monograms or names and date, 25th anniversary and 50th Anniversary toppers, castles and carriages for fairy tale weddings and beach cake toppers with sea shell and palm tree designs.

Wedding cake toppers should always be unique and exciting because they act as beautiful representations of what you and your loved one hold dear. As much as a cake topper signifies a quality of your love, it also helps share what that’s like with the people present around you on your special day. With that said, let’s take a look at the different types of wedding cake toppers you can get to truly make your cake shine.

Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

Perhaps the best way to make your cake stand out is to consider personalized wedding cake toppers. Such toppers can be simply anything you like, from figurines to birds, text to other designs—it’s your opportunity to make the aesthetics yours.

Romantic-Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

What’s more romantic than pledging your life to unison with another for the rest of your life? So, consider getting some romantic wedding cake toppers to celebrate that. There are various designs to choose from, some of which are more artistic than realistic. Some also offer some picturesque scenes, such as a couple kissing under an umbrella.

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

If you fancy you and your fiancé as the jokesters of your friends group, then perhaps funny wedding cake toppers are befitting. Figurines of the groom giving the bride a piggyback ride are a big seller.

Beach-Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

There’s something remarkably romantic about getting married by the beach with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore in the distance. Some beach-themed wedding cake toppers of the bride and groom are ideal for keeping the theme consistent.

Western-Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

Getting married in the countryside? Well, cake toppers with a Western theme may help make your cake a little more interesting than it already is likely going to be. If you want yours to be unique, then custom wedding cake toppers are the way to go.

Anniversary Cake Toppers

Celebrating 25 years of marriage is a huge feat, and a gorgeous cake with an appropriate topper is a must for celebrating that day. What’s perhaps even more impressive is the 50th anniversary. Well, you’d better get the right topper to commemorate such a joyous occasion.  

Last Few Words

Personalized wedding cake toppers are a small expense to memorabilia that will stay with you forever. Talk it over with your partner, and decide what you guys love about you both. After that, head over to My Wedding Reception Ideas and pick your favorite cake topper.

'My fiancé and I love the cake top for many reasons!!! It was amazing to find one that had a pose that we do very often, red rose is one my flowers of choice in the wedding, and that we were able to change the hair color of both bride and groom to match our very own hair color!!!!' ~ Jennifer, Kingston, NY