Wedding Shadow Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, and Ideas
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Wedding Shadow Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, and Ideas
by Allison Bergstedt

Wedding Shadow Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, and IdeasWedding shadow boxes are a great way to capture and display all the important details that went into making your wedding day so special. From your invitations to the bouquets, the items that you choose to display in your shadow box should reflect your personality and help create a lasting reminder of your special day.

A shadow box is an enclosed box, usually square or rectangular, with a glass front used to protect and display valuables and important memorabilia. The depth of the box allows for the items behind the glass to give off a lifelike feeling that cannot be obtained from a photo or painting. Each valuable on display in your shadow box creates visual interest through the depth and texture of the items themselves. By adding assorted items that are different heights, shapes, textures, and thickness, it will draw the eye and create a conversation piece. Wedding shadow boxes are becoming a mainstay among brides and grooms serving as both a great display case for wedding keepsakes and as a unique alternative to traditional unity ceremonies.

Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Boxes

Wedding Shadow Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, and Ideas
Wedding unity sand ceremony sets are a unique alternative to traditional unity candle ceremonies and represent your new family by the blending of colored wedding sand. Traditionally, the unity candle ceremony includes the bride and groom using two taper candles to light a third unity candle to symbolize two individuals becoming one. Sand unity ceremonies are performed much in the same way except the bride and groom pour different sand colors from small cylinders into one larger cylinder to represent their blended family. Sand ceremonies are very popular for beach and outdoor weddings where the use of traditional flamed candles is not an option. Unity sand ceremony shadow boxes are a great alternative to traditional sand ceremony sets and create a life-long keepsake of your wedding ceremony when displayed at home. By showcasing your layered wedding sand behind the transparent glass, you will have a constant reminder of the sacred vows husband and wife shared on their wedding day.

Keepsake Boxes

After your wedding, display all your important wedding items by showcasing them in wedding shadow boxes. When it comes to the items on display in your shadow box, the possibilities are endless. Popular items included in most wedding shadow boxes are mementos like your wedding invitations and wedding photos. Include a portion of your dried wedding bouquet or boutonniere to the box for added visual texture and depth. Other sentimental items like your wedding vows, programs, and mementos that hold a special meaning between you and your significant other are always great choices. Lastly, consider adding decorative items like ribbon, pieces of your table runner, handkerchiefs, crystals, burlap or other fabric, and any items that lend to the overall atmosphere of your wedding day. Tip: Before gluing or pinning down any pieces permanently, pre-arrange your pieces in the box to be sure that the arrangement will look cohesive. Don't be afraid to de-clutter and remove items if needed. If you find that you have to many pieces to display, consider making multiple shadow boxes to arrange on the wall as an art installation.

A wedding shadow box is a memento that will last a lifetime as a reminder of your special day. Whether your receive your shadow box as a gift or decide to make one yourself, it is truly a treasure that will be cherished among loved ones and one that can be handed down for generations. Not only are shadow boxes great as wedding keepsake boxes, consider using your shadow box for commemorating other occasions like a birth, vacation, graduation, retirement, or personal hobby.